4 Greek Recipes With Artichokes

Print Friendly and PDF Artichokes are one of my favourite vegetables and are very popular in Greece. Here are four Greek recipes with them. Just click on the names to go to the recipes.

A tasty and healthy pie. This can be served as a side dish, as part of a buffet or as a delicious snack.

This is a nice light and healthy meal, which is fairly quick and simple to prepare. It's called "a la Polita" as it came originally from the Greeks living in the"Poli" as they called - and still do call - Constantinoupolis.

This dish is ideally served with Greek strained yoghurt (see photo).

Another nutritious dish, easily prepared.

Eat and Enjoy!


MaryMoh said...

I have seen artichokes but have not tried them. These look very delicious, especially the artichoke pie. I would love to try. Thanks for sharing.

symposio said...

Yes, the artichoke pie is one of my favourite pies. It's a nice light lunch snack or can be a great addition to a buffet. I'm sure you'll like it if you try it!

Joanne Olivieri said...

That artichoke pies sounds delicious and almost looks like spanakopita

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