Greek Fanouropita - Agios Fanourios Name Day

August 27th is the name day of Agios (Saint) Fanourios, the patron saint of things lost. His name is invoked when praying for the recovery of lost items. Fanouropita is a cake traditionally eaten on his name day.

If you want to prepare a Fanouropita, click here to go to the recipe.

Eat and Enjoy! 

26 Popular Greek Mezes and Side Dishes

A Greek meze is a small dish - an appetizer or side dish - and it is very popular here for people to eat a selection of these as lunch or dinner. More often than not they are accompanied by ouzo or tsipouro. There is something quite idyllic about sitting by the sea, listening to the waves lapping onto the shore and nibbling at your mezes whilst slowly sipping your drink!

The word meze came from the same Turkish word, which in turn came from the Persian word maze, meaning 'taste, flavour, smack, relish'.

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