Greek Artichokes a la Polita

This is a nice light and healthy meal, which is fairly quick and simple to prepare. It's called "a la Polita" as it came originally from the Greeks living in the"Poli" as they called - and still do call - Constantinoupolis.


6 artichokes
6 medium-sized potatoes cut into round slices
2 medium-sized carrots sliced
1 medium-sized onion
Small bunch of dill finely chopped
1 lemon
Olive oil
1 teaspoon all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper to taste


Discard the outer leaves of the artichokes and rub the remaining hearts with the lemon.

Leave them in a bowl of cold water along with the used lemon while you prepare the other vegetables.

Heat the oil in a shallow pan and when it is moderately hot, add the onion, the artichokes cut in half, the potatoes and carrots.

Stir them well and add just enough water to cover them, along with the dill and the seasoning.

Continue cooking until the vegetables are tender and the remaining juice is no more than a glassful.

Dilute the flour in cold water (2-3 teaspoonfuls) and add it to the vegetables.

Allow it to boil just for 2-3 seconds and then remove from the heat.

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Eat and Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great recipes! I am also Greek (my great-grandparents on my fathers side). I didn't grow up Greek and I'm still learning about the culture. The food is awesome. I think it just came naturally to me. Keep up the great work!

Edamame said...

All dishes look very delicious. I am interested in the food culture of your country. And I support your site. If there is time, please come in my site. From Japan

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