KumQuat Fruit

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The island of Corfu is the only place in Greece where the Kumquat fruit is cultivated. The word Kumquat in Chinese means "golden orange" and the fruit resembles very small oranges. It can be eaten with the skin and the flavour is bittersweet. Kumquats were first brought to Corfu by the British botanist Sidney Merlin in 1860.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Nowadays, kumquats are mostly grown in northwest Corfu, especially near the village of Nymfes. The Mavromatis Distillery, where kumquat products are produced, also has an exhibition area where visitors can see how the liqueur and sweet are made. 

Kumquat can be made into liqueur, marmalade and sweets. It can also be sliced and added to salads, as well as being a garnish for cocktail beverages. 

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