Prince William And Kate To Spend Honeymoon In Corfu?

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It has just been reported in the British press that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be spending their honeymoon here in Corfu after their wedding at the end of the month. So I couldn't resist making up the photo above!

Oh, and by the way, if they do want to try our home cooking - not a problem!


Honeybee said...

HAha..It's like a real conversation. Look at the royal facial expression. In that case, I don't want to miss Maria's homecooking too! Corfu...I want to know more about Corfu. BTW,This week I am sharing about Paris Hilton New Luxury Car: How Car Can Cause Cancer.Do stop by and follow my blog. I offers health information that might useful to you. Looking forward your next post. Am Visiting from theblogfrog.

Unknown said...


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