Traditional Greek Easter Sweets

Print Friendly and PDF Easter Week starts tomorrow here in Greece - next Sunday 24th April is Easter Sunday. There are two types of sweets which are particularly traditional at this time. Click on the links to go to the recipes. Happy Easter!

Tsoureki is a light cake traditionally eaten at Easter. It is eaten at other times of the year as well, but the red dyed hard-boiled egg that it is placed in the centre is traditional at Easter.

The cake is nice and light inside, with the mastic creating a light stringiness when you break it into pieces (traditionally you break it with your hands and don't cut it with a knife).

You will find Easter cookies - koulourakia - in all the houses over the next days. They're easy to make and a nice accompaniment for your coffee. You can make them into whatever shape you want, but I have shown the most traditional in the lower photo above.

Eat and Enjoy!


Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

I just love these treats! So glad I saw these sweets... thanks for sharing!

symposio said...

Thanks Pegasusland! Hope you enjoy them!

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