What's Your Favourite Greek Lamb Recipe?

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Easter Weekend is coming up here and traditionally on Easter Sunday lamb is eaten. So I thought it might be a nice little idea to see what your favourite Greek lamb recipes are. I've listed the lamb recipes we have on this blog below, plus the traditional roast lamb on a spit, which is not really a recipe. You can check out the recipes by clicking on the link and just click your favourite on the survey below.

If you have a Greek lamb dish that you like, which is not listed, then just write us a comment at the bottom of the post and we'll see what we can do!

I'm afraid this is not a survey for the vegetarians amongst you! Still, you can check out our post 10 Favourite Greek Vegetarian Recipes, which has some delicious ideas for you!

This is an extremely popular dish.

This is a traditional way of preparing lamb ribs using the stalks from vines as a kind of grill. The ribs take the aroma and flavour from the vine stalks. Also, instead of using normal brushes to apply the juice, bunches of dried oregano are used, which again adds another subtle flavour to the ribs. They can be eaten with pilau rice or salad.

This dish is usually served on festive occasions as it is considered 'special'. The yoghurt sauce with Greek strained yoghurt makes it especially delicious. Greek yoghurt is now sold in most parts of the world, so you should be able to obtain it.

This is a popular dish in Greece and quite easy to prepare. It is usually made with lamb, but you can use other meat if you so prefer. You should be able to obtain Greek 'kritharaki' pasta where you live, as it is exported all over the world.

Roast lamb with potatoes is rather a common dish, but this is a way that it is prepared often in the villages here. The difference being the inclusion of feta cheese and also the fact that the whole potatoes are crushed (but not split) before they are put in the oven. Try it!

Roast Lamb On The Spit

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