Easy To Prepare Greek Recipes For Kids

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These are some dishes that we've found that kids love, and they're all easy to prepare. Follow the links for the recipes.

These are especially good at kids' parties. They disappear really quickly!

A variation on meatballs, served as a kind of soup.

Greek Pastichio

Just watch this disappear down their throats! A favourite with adults as well.

Greek Cheese Pie (Tiropita)

Nice, light and delicious.

Zucchini Fritters (Kolokithopitta)

A delicious and healthy kids' snack.

Eat And Enjoy


prostateinfo101.blogspot.com said...

do you have recipe fro greek pastichio? looks delicious to me..if u have can u share it with me...just give me a shout!

symposio said...

Just follow the link for Greek Pastichio in this post.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I make pasticio too. Love it! Have a recipe on my blog for it. Going to try your zuchinni fritters though. Never done that.

Unknown said...

Very-2 Nice Website

Keep it up

Arun Sharma

queen of everything said...

love your blog, thanks. my 10 year old daughter has become highly interested in ancient greece, so we are doing a week on greece this summer. she is thrilled to be able to try her hand at some greek food. thanks for the recipes

symposio said...

I'm so glad to hear that Queen Of Everything! Wish your daughter all the best from and if you have any questions about Greece - cookery or not - just let me know! Use the Contact Form (see top of page).

Anonymous said...

what the fuck they look crap i wanted TASTY dessertsand not everything goes around in health you know BITCHES

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