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Print Friendly and PDF Continuing the Greek food and drink glossary. The bold italics show where the accent is.

pancake - teeganeeta (soft g)

parsley - mydanos

pastry - zeemee

peas - bizelia

peach - rodakeeno (soft d)

pear - ahladee (soft d)

pepper - piperi

pie - peeta

plaice - glossa (soft g)

plum - damaskeeno (soft d)

pomegranate - rodee (soft d)

pork - heereeno

potato - patata

poultry - poolerika

prawn - gareeda (soft g & d)

pumpkin - kollokeetha

1 comment:

Joanne Olivieri said...

Though I am half Greek I am not fluent in the language so thanks for the lesson. A few of these I know but it's always good to brush up on my Greek. Efharisto, Joanne

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