Greek Pies (Pittes)

Print Friendly and PDF There are many pies made in Greece. I've put a few of them together here for you to try - the recipes also explain how to make the filo pastry yourself. There are many more, and I'll gradually be adding them.

Spinach Pie - Spanakopita

This can be eaten as a side dish or as a tasty, nutritious snack on its own.

Spinach Pie - Spanakopita

Another variation.

Cheese Pie - Tiropita

An easily prepared pie, which is also extremely light.

Small Cheese Pies with Yoghurt Dough - Tiropitakia

The yoghurt is in the dough, not the filling. Tasty little pies.

Artichoke Pie - Agginaropita

Delicious and healthy side dish or snack.

Leek Pie - Prassopita

Can be eaten by itself with salad or served as part of a buffet.

These are two sweet pies.

Pumpkin Pie - Kolokithopita

Sweet and juicy. Lovely with cream!

Apple Pie - Milopita

An old recipe. Have this with your tea or coffee.

Eat And Enjoy!


Lana said...

this all looks so so so delicious! I want to try it...I have coked Spanish and Mexican but never's time!

homebased said...

I am very angry with you .Why are you showing such delicious food items on the blog and make other mouth watering and I am not able to eat them.They look so cooooooo......l,
Anyways nice recipes,
keep it up,but if I get a chance I would like to taste them all ooohh yummy recipes

Maggie said...

I just returned from Greece and I was fortunate enough to try lots of delicious Greek foods. I had their ketchup a few times and absolutely LOVED it. It had a sweeter taste than American ketchup; I'm wondering if you have any idea how to make it??

Michelle said...

It all looks so yummy. I'm Greek and grew up with authentic Greek cooking. My grandmother used to make the Tiropita and Spanakopita and roll the dough out by hand. I remembering it taking her forever, but boy was it good. My mom always makes home made Tiropita or Spankopita for every family event, which is a lot. I just love your site. I'll be back to visit.

symposio said...

Maggie - I'm not quite sure what you mean. It's probably called something else here and not ketchup.

Could you give me some more details, do you think?

Cruiselife & Co said...

Oh wow, the cheese pie looks amazing. I bookmarked it.

Anonymous said...

I cannot thank you enough for starting this blog! I studied abroad in Greece and have missed the food since then but none of the American Greek recipes are exactly the same. This is heavenly!!

Have you done a recipe for fava yet?

Cooking With Dia said...

Looks yummy, nice pictures too!

symposio said...

@sapphire_etoile - we haven't done fava yet, but we will do soon.

KizoSports said...

Cheese Pie - Tiropita looks like Serbian Pita. I would like to try it to see if there is any similarity.

mannoy said...

These are all delicious. thanks

media said...

hmmmm... nyam nyam, it make me hungy...

Tina said...

My grandmother used to make a kind or tiropitas but I do not see the recipe here. It was like a flat pancake after she fried the dough and then she would sprinkle grated cheese on it. If you could find the recipe for this I would be eternally grateful. I cant seem to find it anywhere, and I would like to make some.

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