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Print Friendly and PDF I've decided to start posting a basic Greek glossary for food and drink, to go with the recipe posts. That way, when you entertain people to a Geek meal, you can impress them with your knowledge of Greek!

As well as going alphabetically through food and drink-related words, I'll also be posting useful phrases. If I miss anything out, be sure to let me know!

Today we'll start with some words beginning with A. The letters in bold italics show where the accent should go when you pronounce it. Obviously, they're not written in Greek characters, but in English characters as you would pronounce them.

almond - ameegdalo (soft d)

aniseed - anitho

apple - meelo

apricot - vereekoko

artichoke - aggeenara (hard g)

asparagus - sparangee (hard g)

aubergine - mellitzana

avocado - avocado

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Anonymous said...

Good job with indicating the pronunciations! I'm always torn between spelling things to reflect actual Greek spelling versus spelling things to enhance the likelihood that English speakers will mostly correctly pronounce the words.

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