11 Greek Seafood Recipes

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Greek Seafood and Fish Recipes and Dishes  The sea is everywhere in Greece, so it's not surprising that there are so many seafood dishes. We've put together a list with 11 seafood recipes for you. Just click on the links to go to the recipes.

 A simple Greek fish recipe, which is a speciality from Corfu. It's a simple and nutritious dish and very popular in the villages here.

 A fish dish is normally accompanied by garlic sauce (skordalia) and beetroot.

 A dish traditionally eaten on Clean Monday, which is the beginning of the Lent period before Easter. Of course, it can also be a delicious side dish at any time of the year.

 A simple Greek meze, usually accompanied by the Greek drink ouzo.

 A well-known dish all over the world.

 Octopus is a popular seafood dish in Greece, though it is an acquired taste. This is a popular recipe, prepared with eggplants and potatoes.

A simple recipe with small pasta - the type used for minestrone. Delicious served with grated cheese.
 If you like seafood and/or prawns, then you'll love this dish! It can be served as a starter or a side dish and is actually quite filling.

 This method of cooking sea bass (Lavraki) is popular on the island of Cephalonia. What makes it different is that the stomach is filled with the garlic an herbs.

Greek kalamari (squid) is well-known all over the world. This is a recipe for stuffed kalamari with sauce.

 Another dish that is traditionally eaten on Clean Monday at the beginning of Lent before Easter. It is also well-known worldwide.

Eat and Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Amazing recipe, thank you for sharing. :) I wonder if you use protection with your hands while preparing the dishes? example protection gloves?

symposio said...

@Maria - Many Thanks! Yes, it's always best to use gloves.

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