Greek Cod (Bakaliaros) With Garlic Sauce (Skordalia)

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Greek Cod (Bakaliaros) With Garlic Sauce (Skordalia) Recipe

This fish dish is normally accompanied by garlic sauce (skordalia) and beetroot. What you see in the photo may look like mashed potatoes, but is the skordalia. The photo shows the fish called galeos, but this is most likely unobtainable abroad, so as it belongs to the cod family, we have given the recipe using cod below. It is very easy to prepare and is similar to fish croquettes.

To make the skordalia and beetroot, please go to a previous post here which gives the recipe.


1 kg fresh cod
4 tablespoons flour
300 ml sunflower oil
Salt to taste


Cut the cod into slices approx. 3cm wide.

Remove the central bone, fold open the remaining flesh and cut it in half.

Salt each of the pieces and sprinkle flour on them.

Deep fry in hot oil for 4 minutes approx.

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Eat and Enjoy


Ninja Media said...

looks so delicious yummy

Joanne Olivieri said...

I love skordalia on fish and veggies.

pTsaldari said...

Ella Mou, Skordalia is such a favorite with my family - it's not funny. Love the simple recipe but what I like most is the clear, crisp formating of your blog. Because I read a lot of them. Your's was a since pleasure and that's why I subscribed. Bravo sou! Panta anotera!

Greece travel said...

This culinary tradition is very interesting and the recipe is really delicious! Thank you for this yummy recipe! i usually do mine in corn meal but I'll have to give this s try.

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