Cheesecake From Ancient Greece

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The first cheesecake was created in Ancient Greece, even though the first appearance of the modern cheesecake (see above) was in New York.

Cheese moulds dating from 2000 BC were excavated on the Greek island of Samos and the writer Athenaeus is credited with writing the first Greek cheesecake recipe in 230 AD - the oldest known surviving Greek recipe. The physician Aegimus also wrote a book on the art of making cheesecakes.

It is believed to have been served to athletes at the first Olympic Games in 776 BC as it was considered to be a good source of energy. Cheesecake was also used as a wedding cake in ancient times.

The recipe? Pretty basic, but it nevertheless sounds healthy.

"Pound the cheese until it is smooth and pasty - mix the pounded cheese in a brass pan with honey and spring wheat flour - heat the cheese cake 'in one mass' - allow to cool then serve."

So now you know!

Images: Wikipedia Commons

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