Greek Herbs and Spices - Mint (Dyosmos)

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 Continuing our occasional series on Greek Herbs and Spices with Mint - known as Dyosmos (soft d) in Greek.

Dyosmos is used a lot in Greek cooking, both in dried or fresh form, though fresh is preferred and many people just grow their own. As well as being used in herbal teas, it is can be used in a variety of dishes - cheese dishes to tomato-based sauces, meats, and rice dishes.

Dyosmos in tea is said to help calm stomach upsets and also aids digestion. The fresh leaves can relieve headaches and itching when rubbed on the forehead and skin.

The word 'mint' comes from Menthe, the name of a nymph that Hades - ruler of the underworld - supposedly fell in love with. His wife Persephone became jealous and started trampling on her. In order to save Menthe, Hades transformed her into a shrub and Persephone was satisfied as she thought that everyone would just trample on her, but Hades gave her a sweet fragrance that he would enjoy every time he passed by her.

Image: Wikipedia Commons


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