Google Plus Invitations For Food Bloggers

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I joined Google + (Google's new social network, if you haven't heard) earlier this month, and have been gradually getting the hang of it. My initial impression is positive - it seems to be taking some elements from Facebook, some from Twitter and adding others of its own.

So far, people have been joining by invite only, but it is supposedly going to open up to the public in the next few days (if they consider that they are ready). However, I have just started a Foodies Circle in my account and would like to invite fellow food bloggers to join it.

If you are a food blogger and would like to join Google +, then just click on Contact Us at the top of the blog and send me your e-mail (preferrably gmail - you'll need it for Google + anyway) and the address of your food blog and I'll send you an invite and add you to my Foodies Circle.

If you are a food blogger and are already on Google +, then just click on Contact Us and let me know your name on Google + and I'll add you to the Circle (if you want).

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