Come To Corfu This Summer!

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So you've been reading the delicious Greek recipes on this blog and trying them out at home. Well, why not come to Greece and enjoy the food as it is cooked here?! We'd love you to come to the island of Corfu this summer and meet us!

We can highly recommend the Resort Panorama villas in Nissaki on the north east coast of the island. There are five separate villas catering to different numbers of guests as well as different tastes. Take a look at their site to get the full details. While staying there, you can eat out or you can cook for yourselves - either indoors in the luxury kitchens or outside at the barbecue.

If you like, we could even come and cook for you on some days of your stay! If you do decide to come, then when you have booked, please let us know through the Contact link at the top of this page, so that we can arrange if possible to meet you when you come.

Look forward to seeing you!


Unknown said...

You tempt me with those photos! How I long to come back to Greece! It's simple, each of your recipes makes me want to lick my computer screen! And I confess I've never been to Corfu yet but always wanted to go there. One of the reasons: our Empress Elisabeth has bought that beautiful castle there... But I reckon I don't have to tell YOU ;-) Btw, on my music blog (, it's "Kalos irthate stin Ellada"-day today (Sunday 13th of March). I'd be happy to read your comment!

Unknown said...

Greece is definitely on my bucket list and your gorgeous photos and tempting food just make me more determined to visit- soon. :)

symposio said...

Well, Dieter & dddiva who knows - perhaps I'll meet you both here some time!

Thanks for your kind comments - and I liked the post you mentioned, Dieter.

Have you checked out our new book, Authentic Greek Recipes, yet? You'll see it at the top left of the blog.

Thanks again!

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