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Authentic Greece - Crowdfunding Project

We've just launched an exciting new Crowdfunding project - Authentic Greece - to promote traditional Greek recipes and products, along with sustainable tourism in this beautiful country called Greece.

Do please follow the link to read all about it - there's even a small cartoon with us :) We'd love it if you could share it with others in whatever way you can and of course those of you who can, please consider contributing to it. 

The project has just been launched, so we'd really appreciate it if you could help get the ball rolling!

Come To Corfu This Summer!

So you've been reading the delicious Greek recipes on this blog and trying them out at home. Well, why not come to Greece and enjoy the food as it is cooked here?! We'd love you to come to the island of Corfu this summer and meet us!

We can highly recommend the Resort Panorama villas in Nissaki on the north east coast of the island. There are five separate villas catering to different numbers of guests as well as different tastes. Take a look at their site to get the full details. While staying there, you can eat out or you can cook for yourselves - either indoors in the luxury kitchens or outside at the barbecue.

If you like, we could even come and cook for you on some days of your stay! If you do decide to come, then when you have booked, please let us know through the Contact link at the top of this page, so that we can arrange if possible to meet you when you come.

Look forward to seeing you!

Greek Tsiknopempti

 Today is Tsiknopempti in Greece. A loose translation would be 'Burnt Thursday' or 'Barbecue Thursday' - tsikno means the smell of burnt and grilled meat and pempti means Thursday.

Tsiknopempti is traditionally held on the Thursday which is 11 days before Clean Monday, the beginning of Lent. As you will have gathered, it is a day of meat eating and wherever you go you will smell the smoke and meat from barbecue being held in all the households.

Here in Corfu we have an additional tradition on Tsiknopempti. It is called Corfiot Petegoletsia or 'gossip'. It's a kind of street theatre held in the centre of the old town with amateurs taking the part of women from old Corfu on the small balconies of the old buildings and gossiping to each other in the local dialect. At the end of the performance songs are sung in the street.

Greek Diet Can Make Your Skin Healthier

I've just read an article about a study that Dr Niva Shapira from Tel Aviv University's School of Health Professions conducted. The study, recently published in Nutrition Reviews, shows that a diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, like the diet eaten in Mediterranean regions where melanoma rates are extremely low, can help protect us from skin cancer.

The sun's rays damage both the skin and the immune system by penetrating the skin and causing photo-oxidation, she explains, affecting both the cells themselves and the body's ability to repair any damage. Her prescription is to "go Greek" with foods such as olive oil, fish, yogurt and colorful fruits and vegetables to fight the oxidizing effect of the sun, as well as regular applications of sunscreen and appropriate body coverings such as hats, beach coverups, and other sportswear.

 Dr. Niva Shapira
 Photo: Aftau

For the study Dr. Shapira and Prof. Bodo Kuklinski of Rostock University organized two groups. One group was provided a drink high in antioxidants, while the other enjoyed beverages such as sodas. Those who hydrated with the antioxidant-rich drink had 50% fewer oxidation products (i.e. MDA) in their blood at the end of the two-week period, which included five to six hours of exposure to the sun daily.

The Israeli Cancer Association has included the nutritional information as part of their "Smart in the Sun" advisories.

The good news is that you don't have to move to Greece or the eastern Mediterranean to get the benefit of the diet. Most of the appropriate foods are stocked in American and other international shops. Olive oil, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, red wine in moderation, whole grains, beans and lots of water should be at the top of the shopping list, Dr. Shapira advises.

Via: Aftau

New Greek Forum On This Blog

I've just embedded a forum on this blog - Greek Forum. I'm trying this out to give people a chance to ask questions about and discuss Greek food as well as any other topic regarding Greece. At the moment there is also a sub-forum for Vacations in Greece and any other suggestions are most welcome (there is a Feedback & Suggestions sub-forum).

This is a bit of a new venture for me, so it's a matter of let's just see how it goes. It will, however, give people a chance to get into more in-depth discussions about Greece and Greek food without leaving the blog.

The link is here for you to visit. There is also a permanent link at the top of the page. Look forward to chatting with you!

Twitter Petition To British Museum To Return Parthenon Marbles To Greece

This post is a bit of a deviation from the normal posts, but is still of interest to anyone interested in Greece and anything Greek.

I have just started a Twitter petition for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. I have tweeted the petition directly to the British Museum and they will be updated regularly with the number of tweets and also have the opportunity to respond.

The Parthenon Marbles were removed by Lord Elgin in the early 19th century (which is why some people call them the Elgin Marbles) and then sold to the British Museum. Over the years, the British Museum claimed that there wasn't a suitable venue for them to be displayed, but that argument no longer holds since the opening of the much-acclaimed new Acropolis Museum, below the Acropolis, last month.

So now all we can say to the British Museum is - time to return the stolen goods to their rightful owner so that they can be displayed in their rightful setting - next to the Parthenon - for all the visitors to enjoy.

If you are on Twitter and agree that the Parthenon Marbles should now be returned to Greece and put on display in the new Acropolis Museum, then please just tweet below. It's set up so that I auto-follow anyone who tweets. You can also embed the code in your site, so that the petition can go viral.

For more information on the Marbles and their return to Greece, you can visit The British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles and you can also sign a web petition, if you so wish, at Return The
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