Thanksgiving Pies - a la grecque!

Print Friendly and PDF Thanksgiving is not a Greek celebration, but I'm sure that there are several Greek pies which would be a welcome and delicious addition to the Thanksgiving table. Here are some suggestions. Click on the links for the recipes.

Greek Artichoke Pie Recipe
A tasty and healthy pie. This can be served as a side dish, as part of a buffet or as a delicious snack.

Greek Spinach Pie (Spanakopita) Recipe

Spinach Pie, or Spanakopita, comes in many forms in Greece. This recipe is for individual round, 'coiled' pies - see the photo.

Greek Spinach Pie - Spanakopita Recipe

This one is the more classical spinach pie and can be eaten as a side dish or is a very tasty and nutritious snack by itself.

Greek Cheese Pie (Tiropita) Recipe
A cheese pie which is incredibly easy to prepare and is unbelievably light.

Greek Cheese Pies with Yoghurt Dough (Tiropitakia) Recipe
This is another variety of cheese pie. This is one made with Greek strained yoghurt. Please note, the yoghurt is not part of the filling, but is part of the dough itself, which gives it its own special taste. These small pies can be served as a side dish, or as a meze or in a buffet.

Greek Courgette (Zucchini) Pie (Kolokithopita) Recipe
A light and tasty pie which can be eaten hot or cold.

This is a relatively easy to make pie that seems to be a favourite of a lot of people, especially kids! Extremely filling and delicious!

Greek Meat Pie (Kreatopita) Recipe
There are several recipes for meat pie, but the one given is here is speciality from Ioannina, which is in the north west of Greece. Lovely and nutritious!

Greek Pumpkin Pie - Kolokithopita Recipe
 These pies have the sweet, juicy taste of the pumpkin and the delicious filo pastry. I personally eat them with cream, but then I eat cream with everything!

Greek Sweet Orange Pie (Portokalopita) Recipe
A delicious, refreshing pie which can be served warm or cold. It can also be served with ice cream. 

Eat and Enjoy!


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