Greek Pumpkin Pie For Halloween!

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We don't celebrate Halloween in Greece, but I thought that perhaps those of you living in countries where it is celebrated might like to make these delicious little pumpkin pies - pumpkin being the order of the day!

We have previously posted this recipe here, so if you wish you can click on the link to see it. It also includes how to make your own philo pastry if you want. By the way, they're lovely with cream!

Happy Halloween!


Paula said...

I really like this kind of pies!

have a nice time,

mizztraveller said...

i loved pumpkin cake . have u try pumpkin soup ? is nice too.

Jasmine said...

they look really tasty.. I bet I can eat a whole bunch of those :)

Restaurant San Francisco CA said...

Gave a try. It was so tasty and we all enjoyed eating it. Thanks for sharing.

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