5 Greek Recipes With Spinach

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Spinach is very popular in Greece - especially in pies. Fresh spinach is used and is an integral part of the healthy Greek diet. Here are some recipes you can try - just click on the names to go to the recipes.

This is the classical spinach pie and can be eaten as a side dish or is a very tasty and nutritious snack by itself. The recipe shows how you can make the filo pastry yourself - it's always tastier than the ready-made stuff.

This is an another type of spinach pie - individual round, 'coiled' pies (see photo).

These patties are really easy to make and are a tasty side dish or snack as well as being extremely nutritious.

This is a simple and nutritiuos dish, easily prepared. It is best accompanied by slices of fried haloumi cheese, which is from Cyprus but is available worldwide. It can, however, also be accompanied by any other semi-hard, salty cheese fried (see photo).

This is a dish traditionally eaten on Clean Monday, which is the beginning of the Lent period before Easter. Of course, it can also be a delicious side dish at any time of the year.

Eat and Enjoy!


lucy said...

j like greek recipes and now j'll go to greece and j want to eat everything

best cook said...

Out of five recipes I love the Cuttle Fish with spinach the best, it's just delicious. My kids like it too (it's the only way they eat spinach)

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