Twitter Petition To British Museum To Return Parthenon Marbles To Greece

Print Friendly and PDF This post is a bit of a deviation from the normal posts, but is still of interest to anyone interested in Greece and anything Greek.

I have just started a Twitter petition for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. I have tweeted the petition directly to the British Museum and they will be updated regularly with the number of tweets and also have the opportunity to respond.

The Parthenon Marbles were removed by Lord Elgin in the early 19th century (which is why some people call them the Elgin Marbles) and then sold to the British Museum. Over the years, the British Museum claimed that there wasn't a suitable venue for them to be displayed, but that argument no longer holds since the opening of the much-acclaimed new Acropolis Museum, below the Acropolis, last month.

So now all we can say to the British Museum is - time to return the stolen goods to their rightful owner so that they can be displayed in their rightful setting - next to the Parthenon - for all the visitors to enjoy.

If you are on Twitter and agree that the Parthenon Marbles should now be returned to Greece and put on display in the new Acropolis Museum, then please just tweet below. It's set up so that I auto-follow anyone who tweets. You can also embed the code in your site, so that the petition can go viral.

For more information on the Marbles and their return to Greece, you can visit The British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles and you can also sign a web petition, if you so wish, at Return The

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