Zucchini Fritters (Kolokithopitta)

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These tasty fritters are very easy to prepare and can be served as one of several side dishes - they go nicely with Tzatziki - or as a light snack on their own.


½ kg zucchini
1 medium onion grated
150g feta cheese crumbled
4 tablespoons breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint
3 medium size eggs – preferably free range
200 ml sunflower oil
Salt and pepper


Grate the zucchini and put it in a colander. Sprinkle salt on top and leave it to drain for 1 hour.

Beat the eggs lightly and place in a mixing bowl.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

Drain the zucchini well between the palms of your hands and add to the mixture.

Mix all the ingredients lightly.

Put the oil in a frying pan and heat well.

To make each fritter use a tablespoon to take a scoop from the mixture and with the aid of another spoon push it into the frying pan.

Fry the fritters for a few minutes until they are nicely browned.

Continue until all the mixture has been used.

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Eat and Enjoy!


Auntie E said...

So glad you stop by Auntie E. I love Greek food. I will be serving up the dishes for sure. :-)

Dr. Lauren said...

These look amazing. I bookmarked this one

Mandi said...

This is an excellent blog. I have a couple of recipe requests (hope that's OK): Lamb Kleftiko and potato skordalia. I'm originally from Zimbabwe and we had a HUGE Greek community there. I still miss the food terribly. Thanks. Yassu

symposio said...

OK. I'll post them as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!

hopeful said...

That food looks so yummy! I want to try it.

julie81 said...

this looks unreal delish, i love greek food, does anybody know if fallafels ans schawrma are greek dishes, i eat them all the time and im dying to know their origin but i guess it is greek?

symposio said...

Falafels are not Greek - they come from the middle east. I love them too!

yayapap said...

I wish you would add the ounces, pounds or cups in parenthesis in the recipes. Could not get the ml to convert to amount that I could understand.
Thank you.

symposio said...

yayapap - That's why we have the Metric Converter at the foot of the page. You can convert anything you want there. For example, to convert ml, you choose Volume, then enter the amount of ml you want to change and then it will show you the result - the most common would be in gallons (8 pints).

Listening Daisy said...

Me and my dad just made these and we loved them! Thank you!

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