5 Greek Meatball Recipes

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Meatballs are very popular in Greece and there are several ways of preparing them. We've listed 5 of them here. Just click on the links to go to the recipes.

 A delicious way of preparing them - popular in the Agrinion area - in Avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce.

 A meatball soup, which is a favourite with the kids.

 A recipe from Smirni - Smirnaika Soutzoukakia. They are ideally served with rice and are very easy to prepare. Another favourite with the kids.

 This is an easy recipe for Greek Keftedakia (small meatballs) with a difference. They are stuffed with Feta cheese and also have the Greek spirit ouzo in them.

  Small Meatballs (Keftedakia)
 These can be eaten as a snack, as a meze with ouzo and/or beer or just as part of a buffet meal. Children love them! And they are easy and quick to prepare!

 Eat and Enjoy!

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