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Photo: TPRF

 We all enjoy good food (especially Greek food!) and love learning new recipes. However, there are approximately 1 billion people in the world that cannot do that - they suffer from hunger. We feel that it is essential that we support and aid these people, which is why we support the Food for People programme set up by The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF).

 Over the last 5 years, TPRF has set up 3 facilities in India, Nepal and Ghana and over that time, an amazing story has unfolded:

• Once-undernourished children are seen skipping to Food for People with smiles and giggles before heading off to school
• Adults have regained health and are working productively
• School enrollment and attendance has grown dramatically
• Teachers are thrilled that students are capable of listening and learning
• Young students are envisioning how they could help their villages by continuing on in school to learn new skills
• A sense of shared pride and hope is building in the community

The Mayor of the District in Ghana, Honorable John Kwao Sackey, said, “I am overwhelmingly impressed that a philanthropic institution like yours and a great philanthropist like Prem Rawat have been able to help provide food to school children and the aged in Otinibi. There is no doubt that this facility will impact positively on the life of the school children.”

To try and help this endeavour, we have set up a fundraising page with Crowdrise. We would like to ask you to go to this page (see widget below) and please make a donation to this wonderful and essential cause. The monies donated go through Crowdrise directly to TPRF.

 You can take a look at a video about the Food for People programme here.

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