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Well, the carnivals are over for this year, but we've decided to organise our own monthly Carnival - a Blog Carnival! We obviously focus on Greek recipes on this blog, but there are so many delightful ethnic dishes from around the world that we want to feature a selection of these every month in what we are calling World Food Delights.

How will it work? Well, any bloggers with ethnic recipes can submit one of their blog posts with a recipe that fits in the particular category for each month, we select the best and then they are all featured on the Blog Carnival, with a short description and a direct link to the recipe. We are also going to pin the photo from each of the selected recipes on Pinterest, with a direct link to the recipe.

The first edition of World Food Delights will be on Sunday April 1st. As a 'sweetener' to start things off the category will be Sweets and Desserts. So if you have a blog with ethnic recipes and want to submit a sweet or dessert to be featured, just click on Submit on the button at the bottom of this post. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 28th March.

Let us just say that we are going to give preference to bloggers who are actual natives / residents of the country for which they are submitting a recipe - in other words, local cooks wherever possible. Also, if you have a blog post which is not a recipe, but you feel it is related to the field of international cooking, then you can submit that as well. All posts need to be in English.

So if you have recipes from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Japan, Thailand, India or wherever, then just click on the button below and send it. And even if you don't, just visit this blog on Sunday April 1st to find a great selection of World Food Delights!

Blog Carnival submission form – World Food Delights

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