3.2 Metre Basil Plant In Greece - Tallest Ever?

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 Image: Wikipedia Commons

Owners of a 3.2 metre Basil plant in Ierapetra on the Greek island of Crete are claiming that it should go into the Guinness Book of Records.

Mrs Anastasia Grigoraki claims that her basil has been helped by the rich soil and the fact that it is sheltered from the wind by the blocks of flats around it. The Guinness record for a basil plant stands at 2.10 metres at the moment, but Mrs Grigoraki's plant - which has been growing for 10 months, and is still growing - is much taller than that.

You can see the height of the plant in the photo below, which is from the online Crete newspaper Nea Kriti. If you can read Greek, then do follow the link!

Basil was first introduced to Greece about 4000 years ago, when Alexander the Great brought it back from India. You can read our post about Basil here.

All I can say is there must be a wonderful aroma coming from that huge plant!

 Image: Nea Kriti



ladyguinevere28 said...

Hi there,

I never thought that a Basil plant would grow as tall as like that. But nevertheless, that's another thing to be put in the Guinness Book of Records, its unusual but its all natural.

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Mona said...

Wow, that's tall. This is the first time i saw basil plant and this was surprised me.

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Really so nice.

salt business said...

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