Greek Herbs and Spices - Dill (Anitho)

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Continuing our series on herbs and spices, we come to Dill - Anitho as it is called in Greek. This is a feathery type of plant and you can see it on the photo above as a garnish for Tzatziki

Dill can be used as flavouring in oil and vinegar, as well as being used in several fish, meat, soup and vegetable dishes, being added at the last minute so as not to lose its flavour. 

It is an aromatic herb, but is not spicy and goes well with cucumber and avgolemono sauce. Chopped dill can also be used in salads. Dill tea is supposedly beneficial to those suffering from insomnia.

Ancient Greeks used it to flavour their wine, according to Dioscurides, and to prepare anethinon wine. Soldiers - Greek and Roman - used it for medicinal purposes by placing the burned seeds on wounds to aid healing.

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grass fed beef manitoba said...

I wonder what the anti oxidant properties of this herb is?

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