New Greek Recipe Book - 20% Discount To Our Readers!

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I mentioned in a previous post that we were working on a printed book - well, it was Maria's birthday yesterday and we celebrated by making the book available! As part of the launch we are also offering our readers here a 20% discount for the first week! This discount is available until February 10. Just click on the image above and when you order the book you will see a space where you can enter the discount code. The code is BB4KYVTG. When you enter that you will get your 20% discount. But remember - this will only be available until February 10!

The book contains 150 pages of delicious, traditional Greek dishes from recipes used in the home by local mothers and grandmothers, with colour photos. You'll find well-known dishes here as well as others that are perhaps not known outside Greece. All of them simple and delicious! The book also includes a step-by-step guide to making your own filo pastry as well as a Greek Food & Drink Glossary.

Maria comes from a family of chefs and her recipes combine know-how with the simplicity of local, traditional Greek cooking.

Read and Enjoy!

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