Most 'Liked' Recipes On Authentic Greek Recipes

Print Friendly and PDF Less than a couple of months ago I embedded the Facebook 'Like' button in my posts here. I had just been looking at the number of Likes on posts since that time, but by chance discovered today that people had been Liking a lot of previous posts. So here are the 5 most Liked recipes on the blog at the moment -

Baclava - 36 Likes
Pastichio - 30 Likes
Vegetarian Moussaka - 21 Likes
Lamb Kleftiko - 18 Likes
Fasolakia (Fresh Green Beans) - 16 Likes

I was rather surprised to find that Fasolakia was in the top 5 - not because it isn't a delicious dish, I love it personally - but because it isn't quite so 'famous'.

So, go ahead and click that Like button - let the world know about these wonderful recipes!!

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