Greek Easter Sweets

Print Friendly and PDF Greek Easter is next weekend - April 4th - so it's time to start getting the sweets ready! I've posted below the two classic Greek sweets for Easter. Just follow the links for the recipes

This light cake is traditionally eaten at Easter and the red painted hard-boiled egg that it is placed in the centre is an indication of this. When making at any other time of the year however, it is optional whether or not you have the red egg for decoration.
The cake is nice and light inside, with the mastic creating a light stringiness when you break it into pieces (traditionally you break it with your hands and don't cut it with a knife).

You will find Easter cookies - koulourakia - in all the houses over the next days. They're easy to make and a nice accompaniment for your coffee. You can make them into whatever shape you want, but I have shown the most traditional in the photo below.

Eat and Enjoy!


Unknown said...

The Easter cake looks delicious. :-). Will you making some this year?

symposio said...

A.L. - Yes, we'll be making a few next week - for ourselves and to give to family and friends.

The Redhead Riter said...

Oh my they look yummy! I love breads and sweets of all kinds!

sound proud international said...

wow. this is great and informative, thanks for sharing!

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