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Print Friendly and PDF It's my birthday in March and in Greece it is the custom to treat people on your birthday. So I've decided to give 4 lucky people a free ad spot on this blog for the whole of the month of March. If you are happy with it at the end of the month, you can then have first option on becoming a paying sponsor.

This is not really a contest - as you can see from the questions on the form below, I'm giving people the chance to 'sell' themselves. Why do you want to be displayed on this site and why should I choose you! It's not limited to food-related sites - as long as you aren't spammy, illegal or offensive, you'll be considered.

The 4 sites will be chosen at the end of February and I'll ask the 4 winners to send me a 125 x 125 image at that time. I will also write a post about them.

For your information, Authentic Greek Recipes has a Google Page Rank of 4 and over 15.000 visitors a month, of whom approximately 70% come from search engines.

Please fill in and send the form below - and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Rebecca said...

Happy birthday!!! I wish you a marvelous month. :)

symposio said...

Thanks so much for that, Rebecca!

A said...

Happy Birthday to you! :) I wish you all the best things in life! :)

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