Greek Anthotiro Cheese

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Continuing the series of posts about Greek cheeses (see Greek Feta), Anthotiro is a traditional farmhouse, whey cheese made from unpasteurised sheep's and goat's milk and often eaten for breakfast with honey or fruit. It looks similar to feta in the photo, but is much softer. It is basically a salted and matured Mizithra - which I will write about in a later post.

Dry and white with no rind, it is smooth, hard and moist, with a fine, crumbly texture. As well as being eaten with honey and fruit, it can also be eaten in savoury dishes with oil, tomato and wild herbs. It is also traditionally used in a lot of pies. Anthotiro has been made for centuries and its name (anthos = "flower, tiri = cheese") comes from the aroma and flavour, carrying the hint of wild herbs.

Some recipes using Anthotiro:

Greek Cheese Pie
Artichoke Pie

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Jordasche Bledsoe said...

Hello, I am visiting from Adgitize. I have never had this kind of cheese but it definitely looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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