10 Favourite Greek Recipes

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I've put a list together here of the 10 most popular recipes on this blog - in other words, those most visited.

This lamb dish - roasted in greaseproof paper - has proved to be the most popular on the site.

Many people who are not vegetarian have said that they actually prefer it to the "normal" moussaka, which is made with meat and not mushrooms.

This dish is one of a lot of people's favourites. It's certainly a favourite recipe with the kids - young and old!

Probably one of the best-known sweets from this area of the world and quite rightly so, in my opinion!

Tirokafteri (Spicy Cheese Dip)

A traditional spicy cheese dish, which can be served as a meze with ouzo or beer, or as a dip. It is quick and easy to make.

A cheese pie which is incredibly easy to prepare and is unbelievably light - you almost need weights to keep it on the plate!

This is a classic Greek side dish, which can be served with meat and vegetable dishes, as well as accompanying souvlaki or gyros.

One of my favourites! Smooth and tangy. This is a side dish which can be served with any meat, fish or vegetable dish.

Another "classic" Greek dish. Dolmades can be eaten as a meze with ouzo or as a side dish. This recipe is with rice, but they can also be stuffed with meat.

This is a very popular dish in the summer. Although stuffed peppers and tomatoes are well enough known, usually we also have stuffed eggplant and zucchini. They are accompanied by potatoes and can also be accompanied by Feta cheese.


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I am so happy I found you. All of these favorites in one easy location. Thank you. Rose

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