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Continuing the Greek glossary for food and drink, as they are pronounced in English. Letters in bold italics are where the accent goes.

cabbage - lahano

carp - kipreenos

carrot - karrotto

cauliflower - koonoopeedee (soft d)

celery - selleeno

cereal - deemeetreeaka (soft d)

cheese - teeree

chicken - kottopoolo

chick peas - reveethia

chocolate - sokolatta

cinnamon - kannella

cod - bakkaliaros

coffee - kaffe

cook (verb) - mayeerevo

cook (person) - mayeeras

cookery - mayeereekee

corn - kalambokki

courgette - kollokeethee

crab - kavooras

cream (whipped) - santigee (soft g)

cucumber - angooree

currant - staffeeda (soft d)

cuttlefish - soopya

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Melissa said...

Hi I droped you EC everyday and l love you recipes here. can I try some of theme?

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