Clean Monday Table

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Well, we had a lovely day for the Clean Monday holiday this year, sunny skies and enough wind to help our nephews with their kite flying which is the tradition every year on this day.
I've posted a photo of the table with the traditional dishes that mark the beginning of Lent. It didn't stay long like that - everything soon got eaten up! The recipes for Butterbeans Plaki (Gigantes) and Traditional Greek Pickle (Toursi) have already been posted and we'll be posting the others gradually. Some of the dishes you can see are -
Octopus with macaroni
Cuttlefish with spinach (Soupia & Spanaki)
Squid (Kalamaraki)
Tzatziki (Yoghurt & Garlic)
Traditional Greek Pickle (Toursi)
Butterbeans Plaki (Gigantes)
Special Lagana bread
Macedonian Halva
Soft Halva
Ade! Ke to Hrono! (And next year!)

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