Greek Taramosalata

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This is another dish that is traditionally eaten on Clean Monday at the beginning of Lent before Easter. It is also well-known worldwide. It is made from taramas, which is the fish roe from cod (mosy common) or carp. You may know Taramosalata as being bright pink in colour, but this is usually due to food colouring being added. It should be a colour varying from beige to light pink, depending on the fish roe.


200g taramas
1 chopped spring onion
1 kg white bread
1 ml extra virgin oil
Juice from 2 lemons


Cut up the bread, soak it in water and then drain.

Put the taramas and lemon juice in the blender for 5 minutes.

Add the bread and remaining ingredients and blend for another 3 minutes.

Garnish and serve as a side dish.

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Eat and Enjoy!


Ish said...

looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

i love your website! greek cuisine, yum! :) i will definitely try some of the recipes you posted here. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is 1 ml of oliveoil correct? I have never made taramosalata before. Is it 100ml of oil?

symposio said...

1ml is correct - not very much is needed.


Made this last night along with some Pitta's, Kebabs and Tatziki.

Super even though I had to use tinned cod roe as no fresh available.

Having Greek night 31/3 with 6 others so need to keep practising as a selection of Meze and Kelfitico followed by Baklava !

symposio said...

WSMPIRATE - Great to hear! Glad you enjoyed it! Why don't you come over to our Facebook Page and tell us about your Greek night -

Anonymous said...

The quantities given here are mad. You need about two to three times as much bread (brown is better than white) as tarama (I always use smoked cods roe - much better/stronger flavour than unsmoked). Plonk the tarama, bread and juice from one lemon into a blender (plus a little onion or garlic if you want), turn it on and add water little by little until you have a smooth fairly runny paste. Then dribble oil (any will do, it doesn't need to be extra virgin olive oil) into the blender while it's running, until the mixture gets so thick that the blender can't cope. That's it!

symposio said...

Anonymous - everyone is welcome to use their own recipes. The recipe we give here produced the Taramosalata you see in the photo. The quantities are not 'mad' as you state, it is the traditional way of preparing it here in Greece - which is what this blog is about.

Anonymous said...

planning a birthday meal for my OH at the weekend. sorry if this is a silly question. does the roe need to be cooked first or is it raw?

symposio said...

@Paperlace - The roe (taramas) isn't cooked. Good luck and enjoy!

Unknown said...

I live in Odessa, Texas. I can not find the roe here. Looks amazing though.

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